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''A More Beautiful Community''

The Columbus Garden Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1936 for charitable and educational purposes focusing on community beautification and education. The long-term goal of our club is to enhance that beauty through the love of gardening.

Evidence of this love is seen all over the City of Columbus. The members plant and care for numerous pocket gardens, such as the Blue Star Memorial, Courtyard corners, Plant It Pink garden as well our Award-winning Visitors center.

The members maintain two butterfly gardens in the city: the Visitors Center and Midtown Park, which is nationally certified. These gardens are lovingly cared for by our club's butterfly experts. Members plant flowers that attract numerous species of butterflies but focuses on the Monarch butterfly. These gardens provide food, shelter and an environment that supports and protects the growth of butterflies.

For 40 years, the club has decorated several Historic Homes during the Christmas Holidays. The members served as docents, donning period costumes while welcoming visitors and elementary students to tour the homes and learn about the history of Columbus.

The Columbus Garden Club membership is open to all who love gardening or want to learn about gardening. Debbie Braden, President - 214-794-3806