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Leather crafting is not just something I do, it means something to me. My goal is to successfully project that into every piece I create. Even the name, 3 Parks Design, means something to me as it represents two family bonds - one between son and father - the other between husband and wife.
Art has been an integral part of my life since age six - my very first experience with leather working occurred later in a junior high art class. This connection with art led me to obtain an Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, while gaining 12+ years of experience in retail sales and management. My husband reintroduced me to the world of leather crafting in 2010 (many years after that first experience) as a stress reliever – this is when I discovered a true passion for working with leather. When I picked that stamping mallet back up, I realized I had no plans of putting it down again. I could channel my education, work experience and love for art into one outlet. That outlet became 3 Parks Design, 3PD, in 2014.


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