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About Us

Being born into the business, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge concerning just about every animal one can think of. K9 & Feline Skin allergies have been my focus for the last 13 years. My vast library of knowledge has gained me over 16,000 followers on TikTok. After one of my dogs became victim to grocery brand dog food. I set out to find the cause and solution to the problem. My family and I are always very excited to help others create a healthy diet for their pets to avoid similar issues with allergies. Between 2010 in 2021 I have advised hundreds of pet parents at our previous location on successful diets for their pets. Lots of changes are happening in the world of pet food, and we are more than happy to have our brains picked by others.

Reptiles and Amphibians are another area of unmatched expertise. I was raised on a ten-acre reptile farm owned by my family in the ’70s. We had everything from wolves to crocodiles. I can remember as far back as 1981 when there wasn’t a single product for reptiles and amphibians available to the public. Since then, I’ve watched the pet business grow to an enormity.

I love the challenge of new issues that arise with pets. There is no better feeling to help pets live better lives and save others time and money.