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Welcome to Dream Build Success, our mission is to business women of faith globally.

It's your turn, I want Dream Build Success to show you that you can do business God's way. You can start using your systems you learn and faith to execute your dreams. You can grant yourself the title you've been yearning for. You can call yourself a teacher, a speaker, a creator, and profit-focused businesswoman.

You can learn how to do all of that with us here. We are the hub for business owners who are bold and not-ashamed of their FAITH. You can, you truly can build that business that you've been tucking away in your thoughts for years. You can do it, and we're here to help you.

As the Founder, I've had the vision a bit of good opportunity to market a million dollar brand. Also, to win a couple of awards like 2013-2015 Top Tax Professional Year, Smahrt Girl Icon Award, and 2016 Top 40 to Watch.

But more importantly, I've had the honor to work with many individual women like yourself, who were looking for help to heal their brokenness, implement their strategies, or creating a strategy, being bolder in their industry, while not compromising her Christian beliefs.''

LaShanda Gary is the Founder and CEO of Dream Build Success a consulting company for faith-based believers and entrepreneurs. She is devoted to helping ordinary women live extraordinary lives through personal and professional development and economic empowerment.

LaShanda is a successful entrepreneur committed to helping women duplicate her success by using her books, live seminars, and training programs. LaShanda hosts The Dream Build Success Conference for women who desire to have more, be more and do more.

Among her clientele, medical professionals, the political elite, professional athletes, and corporate experts. Gary has empowered several successful entrepreneurs and leaders who have discovered whole-life fulfillment: personally, spiritually and financially comes from work ethic. She partners with outstanding foundations, church groups, youth programs, and the entrepreneur.

LaShanda is a published author writing two books, Dream Build Success and Destiny. She is a contributing writer for iWorship Magazine, NO Compromise Magazine and has been featured in I-Worship Magazine, numerous articles and several publications. She was honored with a Top 40/40 Award from the i10media as 2016's Women to Watch, Smahrt Girl Icon Award, Women Empowering Change Excellence Award, Top 40 Leading Ladies Globally in Ministry and Purpose, Tax Professional of the Year 2014-2016, and The Black Excellence Female Pastor of The Year.


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