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About Us

My name is Melanie King. I started my career path of serving humanity in 1989 as an X-Ray Technologist, in 1999 I focused on performing ultrasound imaging and in 2013 I became a Massage Therapist.

I have a passion for assisting people with their health. In 2014 my mission shifted to provide both low cost Ultrasound Imaging and Massage services in the same office. That is how Kountry Imaging and Massage was created. After having an office in town for 8 years, I desired to have a space where people could come for a multitude of healing services. In May 2021 my ultimate dream came true when I opened The Healing Oasis on our property in the country.

Currently I do a therapy called Gentle Body Alignment and Ultrasounds. I love learning, always wanting to answer the deeper question of WHY. My toolbox of knowledge is quite full of my 30+ years in the western medical field of imaging and eastern healing modalities such as Myofascial Release, Neurosomatic Massage, Energy Healing, Body Mind Coaching and Theta Healing.

Utilizing all of this experience I treat the whole person- mind, body and spirit to reveal the underlying cause of illness and pain.

Through my own search of higher consciousness living, I am hosting Workshops with various speakers who talk about spirituality and becoming our most authentic true empowered selves.


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