Schneider Hall, LLC



About Us

Schneider Hall is nestled on Highway 71 South just a few miles outside of Columbus, Texas. Whether you’re looking for a charming place to hold your wedding, a fun place to have a family reunion, an out of town business meeting, or just a party for party’s sake everyone will be able to come because of our central location; we are within 2 hours of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It offers the perfect place to host any event.

Schneider Hall is an original Texas Dancehall that operated throughout the 1930’s. It was run by the Schneider brothers; Fred, Jim, Willie, and Jake. They hosted regular dances at the hall and many town events including the 1939 Farmers League Rally Day which was reported to have had over 1000 people attend. The hall officially closed its doors in 1942, but still hosted events and parties throughout the 1950’s. The hall was used for hay storage until 2009 when the Burris family began renovations for their daughter’s wedding reception.

In May 2010, the restoration of the original dance hall was completed. Every effort was taken to ensure the original integrity of the dance hall; old wood from other structures was used whenever possible. In addition to the renovation, a fully functioning stand alone bathroom was built for both women and men. To help integrate the outdoor aspects a large deck was built onto the rear of the hall. Water and electricity have also been included in the renovated structure. Although there is no air conditioning there are many large windows that allow a comfortable breeze to circulate air. Parking is ample for even the largest of parties with large fields on each side of the hall to accommodate your guests.


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