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Tree Service, forestry, arborist
Silivacare does pruning, cleaning and removal of trees.
Owner, Mike Hackfeld has a BS in Forestry from Texas A&M and a MS Forestry from LSU. He has 25+ years of experience in the industry.

Yelp Review:
''I hired them to remove several diseased and damaged trees. Mike is very knowledgeable and was able to give me great advice. They were able to fit me into their schedule within a few days. They were fast and cleaned everything up, including all the loose twigs and sticks. They were also reasonably priced, coming in well below the other quotes I had. I highly recommend them for tree trimming, removal, or simply consulting on diseased or damaged trees.''

Angie's List Review:
''cut down two large trees and disposed of the debris along with disposing of the debris of a third tree blown down by the wind.

one tree was near a rural cabin and he first removed all limbs on the cabin side and dropped the tree into a clearing directly away from the cabin. the other tree he removed all the branches and then cut down the remaining stub. All debris was removed to a gully on the property as requested. during the day I had an opportunity to chat with Mike about his education and experience and he told me he had a masters in forest engineering and 26 years experience in the logging industry.''