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About Us

Texas Swine Solutions was created when owner Mallory Gaby and husband Matt Gaby began offering to get rid of hogs for local ranches for free. The demand became high enough that the need for additional equipment was becoming very expensive, and so began Texas Swine Solutions. We have invested in the best technology, methods, and gear to help any farm or ranch in Texas solve their hog problems once and for all.

We asked the question: Why don’t they just shoot the hogs? The answer is, this leads to many issues. The hogs run away and come back a few days later. Often hunters do not act responsibly on farm land, and are not properly insured. This opens up the chances for accidents to become large problems for land owners.

Our solutions vary depending on the scenario. We take time to evaluate and study the problem in detail, and come up with a comprehensive and often permanent solution, so you can finally say good riddance to the pesky hogs that tear up your land!