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The Leaky Bucket is a steak and seafood restaurant with a Cajun flair!

The Story: A man went down to the river from his village and drew water for his home by filling 2 buckets. One bucket held water perfectly having no defects or flaws. The other had some cracks and flaws and dripped and leaked the entire way back to the man's home.

One day a man who had watched him repeat his effort many times called out and said ''I'd like to give you this new bucket and save you a lot of effort by you not wasting all that water. It'll help your family out and you'll be better for it as well.''

''No, thank you'', replied the man. ''I appreciate it but I'm good.''

''Why on Earth not? I don't know you or really even like you but this will surely help you out won't it?

''Thank you, but no. You see the path says it all. Where the bucket is perfect it gives no grief and does what it's supposed to. There are no obstructions and the ground remains raw dirt and is easy to pass. The other side where the bucket leaks is full of grasses flowers and fruit trees. Look! Nature is full and happens, it's beautiful and has taken time but it's flourishing.''

Moral: Most people try to improve themselves or act as if they are becoming flawless as the bucket that never spills a drop. The reality is that we are all fractured and with the right help and direction we can be a part of a betterment for others. It comes from the heart. You need someone in that heart to help us down that path. . . His name is Jesus Revelation 3:20


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